First I wanna say Thank you to all readers who send me constructive comments or who did ask me something. I could not answer to anybody, because I had got not enough internet capacity. I am really sorry.

Next time or better said as soon as possible I will change the about-page into a block, too. There I will show some pix how we lived and why we were not good connected to the internet.

And I can’t answer to all questions, because this is my first work with wordpress. I just play with this medium. I try something and sometimes I need a lot of time to find a solution. I did learn html4 and css thirteen years ago and I like to play with these things. Now I learn html5 and the knew css by myself. It will take some time, because I have not so much time each day.

And I hope to make it possible that every site has got a comment field and to find the possiblity for a newsletter, if someone wants to be informed when I write a new contcribution (I don’t know if this is the right word).

Some pages seemed to be hacked, it’s not possible to read text, onls signs. I have to delete these hacks. My Provider did ask me, too.

I did wrote this page in English, because the most comments are in English. My English is not so good. I will learn new words by reading and answering the questions.

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